Grupo Asociativo Progresar - Buesaco Nariño - Café

Socio-business plan

The Progresar Associative Group (Grupo asociativo progresar) has carried out a SOE diagnosis to identify opportunities and strengthen the business, administrative, financial, technical, and commercial areas. Through dynamic and easy-to-understand workshops, they have increased levels of confidence and associativity. Its objective is to consolidate its presence in the productive sector and ensure a local, regional, and national market for coffee marketing, generating employment and income for its associates.

Important allies and links:

Patricia Emperatriz Diaz Armero

Legal representative

Medina Orejuela Hamlet – Buesaco Nariño 

Contact phones

(+57) 3106751621

(+57) 3122888149

(+57) 3106751621 

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